TNG 7.1.1 Update

(From v.7.1.0)

Installation Instructions

  1. Back it up! Please make a backup of the following important files before proceeding (you might need them later, even if nothing goes wrong here):

  2. Get the files. The file you downloaded should be called Extract or "unzip" the files included in to a temporary location on your hard drive. Some files should extract into subfolders called 'admin' and 'English'. There will also be folders containing updated files for some of TNG's prebuilt templates, and a folder for each language TNG supports.

  3. Upload them. Copy all files in the admin and English folders to those same folders on your web site. Copy all files not in a folder to the main TNG area on your web site. For many of you, that will be the "public_html" folder. Be sure to overwrite existing files that have the same names.

    If you support other languages, also upload the files for those languages (also included in the update zip in their respective folders) to the proper folders on your site.

  4. Open this readme file from your site. If you previously opened this file from your local computer, close it now and open it again from your web site. It should be among the files you just uploaded.

The update should be complete. You did it!


Templates. Some template files have been updated, and the new files have been included in the "templates" folder in the 7.1.1 zip. You should only upload them "as is" if you have not made any changes to your template files. If you have made any changes, I recommend that you instead take note of the changes in the new files and merge those with your changed files.