TNG 8.0.0 Upgrade

(From v.7.1.x )

Installation Instructions

  1. Back up settings and custom files, other preparation.   |   Show instructions

  2. Get the upgrade files. The file you downloaded should be called Extract or "unzip" the files included in to a temporary location on your hard drive. Some files should extract into subfolders called 'css', 'img', 'js', 'languages' and 'templates' (among others).

  3. Upload them. Upload all the files and folders (except the "templates" and "special" folders) to the main TNG area on your web site. For many of you, the main TNG area will be the "public_html" folder. Be sure to overwrite existing files that have the same names.

  4. Open this readme file from your site. If you previously opened this file from your local computer, close it now and open it again from your web site. It should be among the files you just uploaded.

  5. Move custom language files.   |   Show instructions

  6. Update your template.   |   Show instructions

  7. "Special" Files.   |   Show instructions

  8. Other file operations.   |   Show instructions

  9. Update the database structure.   |   Show instructions

  10. LDS temple codes.   |   Show instructions

  11. Map pins.   |   Show instructions

The update should be complete. You did it! If anything doesn't look right, please try the following before asking for support:

  1. Review all the instructions again. Make sure you didn't miss something!
  2. Edit your browser history and delete the temporary Internet files (sometimes called the "cache"), then refresh the page.


New folders, obsolete files. This version of TNG contains several new folders. Many of the old files have been moved to these new folders, and many other files have been renamed. As a result, many of the files left over from previous versions are now obsolete and can be removed if desired. This is completely optional, and your software should run just fine with those files there. They should not pose any security risk. If you do want to remove them, however, the main groups of files that can be deleted are:

  1. the entire admin folder (with the possible exception of the "index.php" and "login.php" files, which will help redirect users with the old links to the correct new locations; if you delete the entire folder, you will need to change any static links to "admin/index.php" to now point to "admin.php")
  2. the googlemaps folder
  3. all language folders *not* within the new "languages" folder
  4. all .css and .js files *not* within the new "css" and "js" folders
  5. all .jpg, .png and .gif files *not* within the new "img" folder that came with TNG. In other words, if you put your own image in the main area, you might need to keep it there.

A list of the files that can be removed from the main TNG folder can be found in obsoletefiles.txt. For more information on which files are still needed by TNG, see the appendix.html page.

Index files in media folders. Starting in Version 8, all media folders will come pre-created and will include a "dummy" index.html page. That will prevent anyone from obtaining a file listing of your media folders. Those files are not included in your upgrade, but if you would like to benefit from the same protection, just create any file called "index.html" (it can be a very short web page, or it could even be blank file saved with that name) and upload it to each of your media folders.

New Settings. New options have been added in just about every "Settings" category. Default values will be used if you don't change them, but you might want to take a look. Read the Help screens attached to those pages for more information.

Convenience Links:
Go to your home page
Go to the Admin menu (address is now "admin.php" instead of "admin/index.php")