TNG 8.0.2 Upgrade

(From v.8.0.0 )

Installation Instructions

  1. Back up settings and custom files, other preparation.   |   Show instructions

  2. Get the upgrade files. The file you downloaded should be called Extract or "unzip" the files included in to a temporary location on your hard drive. Some files should extract into subfolders called 'js', 'languages' and 'templates'.

  3. Upload them. Upload all the files and folders (except the "templates") to the main TNG area on your web site. For many of you, the main TNG area will be the "public_html" folder. Be sure to overwrite existing files that have the same names.

  4. Open this readme file from your site. If you previously opened this file from your local computer, close it now and open it again from your web site. It should be among the files you just uploaded.

  5. Update your template.   |   Show instructions

The update should be complete. You did it! If anything doesn't look right, please try the following before asking for support:

  1. Review all the instructions again. Make sure you didn't miss something!
  2. Edit your browser history and delete the temporary Internet files (sometimes called the "cache"), then refresh the page.

Convenience Links:
Go to your home page
Go to the Admin menu (address is now "admin.php" instead of "admin/index.php")