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                                T I M E L I N E

  What is this?

  Timeline is a DHTML-based AJAXy timeline.

  Running Timeline

  Timeline consists of static resources, Javascript libraries,
  image files and css files. All you really need is to
  serve those resources off a web server. Any web server will do.

  Two ways to access the library
  1. Unzip either or into
     a directory served by a webserver.
  includes complete source and example files. Use your
     browser to see the examples at
  is the minimum install of the bundled js libraries,
     css and image files
  2. No web server? The timeline project includes a small webserver called
     Jetty (use the file)
     a) install the Java runtime from Sun
     b) unzip to an install directory
     c) Open a shell or command prompt to the install directory and type:
     [win32]> run
     [unix/macosx]> chmod +x run; ./run

     and then point your browser to

  How do I customize Timeline?

  Refer to the Timeline web site at

  Mailing List and Forum
  Join the community by joining the Google Group SIMILE Widgets

  Licensing and legal issues

  Timeline is open source software and are licensed under the BSD license
  located in the LICENSE.txt file located in the same directory as this very file
  you are reading.


  This software was created by the SIMILE project and originally written
  by the SIMILE development team (in alphabetical order):

   - David François Huynh <dfhuynh at>

                                --- o ---

  Thanks for your interest.

                                                        The SIMILE Project